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Advertisement section rules

Forum rules of ‘Advertisement’ section

1. The administration of the forum is not responsible for the reliability of posts in this section and does not check the quality of advertised goods and services. All commercial relations between the participants of the forum are made at their sole risk.

2. It is forbidden to:
2.1 advertise illegal activates;
2.2 post proposals that do not disclose the essence of the advertised goods and (or) services;
2.3 duplicate threads;
2.4 duplicate your ads /offers /services in other threads;
2.5 highlight your ad by CAPITAL LETTERS or an icon;
2.6 post referral links to commercial sites that are not partners of the forum.
2.7 advertise brokers who are not partners of the forum, third-party trading forums, portals.
2.8 advertise bonus programs of the forum’s partners, aimed at finding clients on third-party online resources, such as coupon promotions for partners, encouraging activity in social networks.

3. To enable authors of a thread to regularly add posts to their ads, the forum administration has the right to ask to install the forum banners on the main page of the advertised website.
In case there is no forum banner, a single ad is allowed, and correspondence with forum users in this thread is blocked. The next announcement from the author of this thread can be done in a month.

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